Brian Lynam started Rattler Electric LLC to provide the local community with a trustworthy electrician that is knowledgeable on safety practices, building codes, and the correct way to perform electrical work.  Brian started his electrical career utilizing a trade Apprenticeship program to obtain Journeyman status, learning through education and work experience, before deciding to start his own business.

Our company strives to provide safe and cost-efficient electrical installations and modifications to suit our customer’s needs.  Sometimes that may require thinking “outside the box” to come up with unique solutions that can provide the best end results. But, we will always provide the best quality workmanship without cutting corners on your home or business.

The company name, Rattler Electric LLC, besides being appropriate to our desert environment, was chosen to honor Brian’s father, Don Lynam.  Don served in Vietnam as a US Army helicopter pilot and Commander, flying with the call sign of “Rattler-One-Six”.  Don continues to participate in the Rattler/Firebird Association.  Brian’s innovative thinking and hard work ethics were passed down to him from his parents. 

To honor all of our USA Military members, Veterans, and local First Responders, Rattler Electric LLC offers a 10% discount to all US Military service members, US Military Veterans, Firefighters, Police Officers, EMT’s, and Paramedics.  Thank you for your service and protection.